Entrepreneurship is not a job, 

it´s a lifestyle!

▶ Do you still exchange your valuable time for money?

▶ Are you an ambitious woman full of energy and ideas who wants to start a business?

▶ Do you want to create an activity and a life that makes you independent and fulfills your dreams?

Then you are exactly right with me !

My name is Marissa Brendel. 
I am serial entrepreneur, business mentor and manager for female start-ups and founders.

I show you how to start and build a successful business with your ideas
and guide you to become independent entrepreneur
to live a self-determined life.

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Who  am I ?

Marissa Brendel

Serial Entrepreneur (founder of 7 businesses), Business mentor and manager for aspiring business women, mother and a global player.
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What can I do for you?

I will show you how to start and build with your ideas a successful online or offline business and guide you to become an independent entrepreneur,
to live a fullfilled and self-determined life.
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"It does not work." - Does not exist with ME!

I am the implementation expert. Every woman and every idea has the potential to become successful.
If you have something that really want to do, I will find a way with you to put it into action.
Let´s do a quick business analysis via Zoom.

Why working with me?

My vision

If you believe in what you do, you can achieve everthing. If you know where you want to go, no one will throw you off the path.
That's why I want to help you get clarity, focus and confidence to take charge of your life.
BECOME THE LEADER of your life!

My customers

I am experienced, reliable and always focused on good results and appreciate working with ambitious women, who want to make a change in their own and other lives.
Your success = my success!

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My experience

I am an expert in my field.
Through my own experiences as a "self-made" entrepreneur and working with many great mentors / coaches, I became who I am today.
I love to evolve, to travel the world, to get new impulses and to work with other inspiring people to realize my own goals and those of my clients. My knowledge is your Pandora box!

Work with me

You want to to start or built your own business ?

Looking for someone with profound experiences and skills to guide you?

Let´s find the perfect solution for you and your goals.