My clients 

I could type a 1000 words to describe how Marissa Brendel helps you to thrive and grow a business, but all words would be worth nothing, as it is your life and your loves that she empowers you to reach for. With Marissa you can achieve goals you didn't know you wanted - even magic. My heartfelt thanks! 

I started my coaching journey with Marissa in 2017 a few months after starting my new business. Marissa managed to help me to identify what I really wanted for myself and my business and how to put it in place.
She helped me to reach all the goals that I had in the first year of business. What I appreciated most is that she is there and will hold me accountable all the time. Marissa is someone that encourages the growth that you know you are capable of, but yet are too scared to carry out on your own.
Our sessions opened up that I needed to give back to myself first in order to be successful in business. And this actually led to the big turning point in my business!
From then and within 9 months I have managed to triple my client base and am now standing on 56 clients. Marissa was there with me all the way asking what type of client I would like to take on, what I will offer, how much I want to earn, defining prices, setting target, etc.
At present I can seriously say that I feel a difference in the way I speak and think and approach matters. I am more confident and at ease with myself and I understand who I am and what I need to maintain and to grow as a personality and business person.

Liebe Marissa, noch kurz ein paar Worte an Dich.
Unser Call heute war absolute magisch für mich. Danke, dass Du mich so gut leitest und auch, danke für Deine Strenge und Bestimmtheit, wenn es erforderlich ist. Auf einmal machen die einzelnen Stationen in meinem Leben irgendwie Sinn -  wie ein einzigartiges Puzzle!
Ich bin ready, das Vorhaben "Cocktails Qeen" anzugehen und freue mich auf das, was wir noch vor haben...